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Congress Promises The World To Charlie Gard While Ignoring Thousands Of Veterans Dying Under Their Care


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On July 24, Chris Gard and Connie Yates ended their fight for experimental treatment to try to save their son’s life. They announced, through their lawyer, that the clock had run out on all possibility of help for the baby’s condition. The damage was done. Death won.
The Charlie Gard case is sodden with indecencies that extend beyond the sorrow of it. On its pain, everything that could be said has already been stated. Much serious thought has been given also to the larger framework: the tyranny of a statist bureaucracy that denies parents their rightful freedom to try—at their own expense—to save the life of their child. Without intending to, this case tore the mask off the leering face of single-payer health care. And the specter of creeping infanticide—and its twin, euthanasia—could be fathomed in it if not seen.

Still, something else remains to be noticed: the virtue-signaling that has become a kind of pornography, air-brushing out the falsity of conspicuous altruism. The personal tragedy of the Gard family and their dying baby elicited a spectacle of hypocrisy and grandstanding from Rome to DC. There is no need to repeat here the details of the case. You are all familiar with them. So let us head straight to the hypocrisy.:snip:

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