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Maxine Waters interrupts Treasury Secretary’s single answer — 12 times!


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Maxine Waters was more interested in grandstanding on Thursday than actually getting answers to her questions.

While the California congresswoman was able to ask Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin questions during a Financial Services Committee hearing today, she repeatedly reclaimed her time, preventing him from providing answers.

Waters began sparring with Mnuchin after he had a question about the hearing rules.

“Mr. Chairman, I thought when you read the rules, you acknowledged I shouldn’t be interrupted and that I would have—,” Mnuchin said to committee chairman Jeb Hensarling.

“Reclaiming my time,” Waters interjected. “What he failed to tell you was, when you are on my time, I can reclaim it.”

She went on to demand an answer to her question about why the Secretary allegedly did not answer a letter she had sent him.


“I was going to tell you my response,” he said, before Waters interrupted, “Just tell me.”

As Mnuchin attempted to explain how the Treasury Department has cooperated with several Congressional committees, Waters interrupted again.

“Reclaiming my time. Reclaiming my time. Reclaiming my time. Reclaiming my time. Reclaiming my time,” Waters said over Mnuchin.

When the Secretary sought clarification about the committee rules, Waters interrupted again, “Reclaiming my time. Reclaiming my time.”

After Hensarling clarified the rules, Mnuchin attempted to answer again.

As he asserted that his department has been “very responsive,” Waters interrupted again.

“Reclaiming my time,” she said, and disputing his statement.

Waters shut down his answer by stating, “Reclaiming my time. Reclaiming my time. Reclaiming my time.”

She then went on to another question.

For those keeping score, Waters interrupted than single answer 12 times with her “reclaiming my time” line.


Repeat and rewind, rewind, rewind...:wacko:

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