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Arkansas Bar Association decides Hillary Clinton’s future practicing law in the state


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New York lawyer Ty Clevenger filed a lawsuit last year with the Arkansas State Bar against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for misconduct.

According to the Washington Times, Clevenger alleged that Clinton lied to Congress under oath. His allegations focused solely on Clinton’s email server scandal in which she received classified information on a private server.


The Arkansas Bar Association on Wednesday made the decision not to strip Clinton of her ability to practice law in the state.

“Though criminal charges are not required to pursue formal disciplinary proceedings, none were filed in this matter,” Michael E. Harmon, deputy director of the office, said in a letter to Clevenger on Monday, the Times reported.

Clinton’s Arkansas license had previously been suspended for failing to comply with continuing education requirements, although it could easily be reinstated.

Clevenger has filed complaints against Clinton in every state where she is allowed to practice law. According to the Times, Clevenger plans to appeal the Arkansas Bar Association’s decision.

He has also asked for Clinton’s attorneys during the email scandal, David Kendall, Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, to receive discipline.


Once a lawyer, always a lawyer?

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