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Yes, the Left Really Is a Greater Threat to the West Than Russia


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Bret Stephens devoted his New York Times column last week to admonishing me for my tweet from two weeks ago and critiquing my follow-up column last week explaining the tweet.
The tweet reads, “The news media in the West pose a far greater danger to Western civilization than Russia does.”:snip:

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Here's the thing about Russia................Not long ago the USSR Russia was a 3rd world country with a 1st world military, today a truncated USSR Russia is still a 3rd world country but with a 2nd world military.


I would not want to play porker with Vladimir, he's running a nation that is *collapsing around him, and he's acting like Russia is a world power. 


* life expectancy dropping, Major alcoholism problem, $50.00 a barrel oil, 2 (3 4?) small wars on his borders, Russians aren't making babies (if they don't start popping babies out like candy out of a Pez dispenser soon there won't be any Russians), his good friends in the PRC are looking at the eastern half of Russia with lust in there heart.

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