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Budget Impasse Could Kill Passing Tax Reform This Year


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The House is expected to break for August recess Friday and a vote on the 2018 budget resolution, which includes the reconciliation instructions for tax reform, remains notably absent from the legislative calendar.

While Republicans — including three members of the House Freedom Caucus (HFC) — unanimously voted to move the legislation out of the House Budget Committee, GOP leadership lacks the support needed for it to pass a floor vote.

The measure is receiving pushback from members of different factions of the Republican conference, with conservatives pushing for spending cuts that go beyond the bill’s $203 billion in mandatory savings and reforms and additional details on the party’s plans for tax reform, while moderates have expressed concerns the reductions go too far.

“Well, the Freedom Caucus is the one that said they won’t vote for it, even though it came out of the committee unanimously and Freedom Caucus members voted for it,” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told The Daily Caller News Foundation Monday. “So I’m not sure of what their point is — have to figure that one out.”


I'm sure they'll get right on that...:wallbash:

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