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Schumer’s Criticism of Hillary Is Worse Than It Seems


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Schumer’s Criticism of Hillary Is Worse Than It Seems

 By Curt  3 Comments  Mon, Jul, 24th, 2017

Chuck Schumer has been much remarked upon, even praised in many quarters, for stating the obvious – that Hillary Clinton should stop blaming the sun, moon and stars, and, of course, Russia for her demise and look to herself for her failure to win the presidency.  She was a wretched candidate with the no obvious reason for running. Indeed, the Wikileaks from her campaign operatives are rife with emails searching for some justification for her candidacy other than gender.

The New York senator is clearly correct in his criticism but he has a larger unacknowledged problem that is ultimately far more serious: Hillary’s loss didn’t occur entirely due to her own ineptitude. She is not alone. Her party has no useful programs anymore.  As Gertrude said of Oakland, there’s no there there.  All they have is Trump bashing and, with the help of their media pals, that’s all they do – and the country knows it.       :snip: 

On the left, they have the Bernie Sanders contingent.  At first glance these people are stuck in 1968, but in truth they are stuck in (roughly) 1932 or is it 1867? (The publication of Das Kapital.) Bernie’s ideas are ye olde and moribund.       :snip: 

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