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Scott Johnson

July 21 2017


Ammo Grrrll has been inspired by A VERY MINOR CELEBRITY’S AUCTION! She writes:


I recently read a first-person account by a woman who had been a “proud lesbian” until her partner up and decided she was actually a man. This woman expected to be a Professional Gay Woman for life with all the dual rights and privileges to which she was entitled, and suddenly she finds herself married to a regular old garden-variety MAN like the rest of us non-special heterosexual women.

Not only that, but since it’s verboten to suggest that the transgender person hadn’t ALWAYS been a man, this woman had been with a man all along, thus jeopardizing her status as a lesbian, proud or not. That’s gotta rock your world. On top of that, her partner CHOSE Toxic Masculinity! She was born a Fabulous Female, but OPTED to join Team Terrible, The No Good Very Bad Oppressor Gender. What the heck? Somebody is lying here: either men are not as hideous as advertised, or a woman who freely chooses to become one is not a “transgender” but a gender traitor, deliberately inflicting another icky man on the world!





But that’s not actually what this column is about. It’s about a whole different forehead-slapper and a wonderful romp down Memory Lane. Lena Dunham, who might have gone as long as a week without making a fool of herself for publicity, has announced that she is auctioning off the very dress in which she cried on election night! Oh Em Gee, you guys. Who wouldn’t want in on THAT action?



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