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FACT CHECK: MSNBC Host Fact Checks Clinton Foundation ‘Conspiracy Theory’ [VIDEO]


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MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid attempted to fact-check a guest on her program Sunday who raised allegations that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved the sale of a uranium production company to Russia in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Reid called the allegation “an entirely made up conspiracy theory” perpetuated by the right.

Verdict: False

The Clinton family’s longstanding ties to the uranium company in question have received serious scrutiny by news outlets across the ideological spectrum. Allegations of a quid pro quo are unsubstantiated, but critics have raised reasonable concerns over conflicts of interest and a lack of transparency from the Clinton Foundation.

Fact Check:

As a guest on “AM Joy,” President of the London Center for Policy Research, Herb London, brought up an accusation that appears in “Clinton Cash,” a book by conservative author Peter Schweizer. The book suggests a quid pro quo between investors of Uranium One, a uranium mining company, and Clinton.

“That is a completely false claim peddled by many on the right,” Reid responded after pulling up the fact-checking website Snopes.

Many conservatives have alleged the donations were part of a more elaborate pay-to-play scheme devised by the Clinton family, a claim advanced by President Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election.

But donations to the Clinton Foundation by Uranium One investors have been scrutinized and even criticized by left-leaning news organizations. As the Guardian noted, “Such awkward collisions between Bill’s fundraising activities and Hillary’s public service have raised concerns not just among those who might be dismissed as part of a vast rightwing conspiracy.”


The real conspiracy, revisited.

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