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The next battle in the fight against human trafficking


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Today, more and more American people have become acutely aware of the evils of human trafficking that take place right in their own backyards. 
Over the past two decades the stories of human trafficking have been heard—and they have informed our actions to stop this scourge on society. 

Inspired by brave victims, and armed with the help of organizations like Shared Hope International, we have been chipping away at human trafficking through a combination of focused legislation and the persistent determination of key NGOs.
That began seventeen years ago, when the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) was enacted. We then worked together on the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act (JVTA), which became law in 2015 and strengthened the foundation of protections for trafficking victims by getting them help they need—not punishing them for crimes committed against them.
Though we’ve won some major battles, we’re fighting a war. Despite years of heightened recognition and new laws, this human slavery persists. Victims still are labeled prostitutes and arrested in conjunction with the crime committed against them; perpetrators still too often walk away with no consequence; and the struggles of victims, including children, still continue long after their exploitation ends.
So together with other key allies, we have crafted a new effort that builds on both pieces of landmark anti-trafficking legislation.:snip:

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