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Colorado's 3,400 voter de-registrations scaring Democrats


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July 15, 2017

Colorado's 3,400 voter de-registrations scaring Democrats

By Monica Showalter

Democrats have always dismissed Republican concerns about illegal voter registrations and evidence of fraudulent voting as pure fantasy.  Why, no illegal immigrant would dream of voting in a U.S. election, despite demonstrating a penchant for lawbreaking by entering the U.S. illegally.  There's no such thing as a multiple-county or multiple-state voters despite the assorted convictions of ACORN operatives, which tell a different story.  There is no such thing
as an illegal immigrant casting a ballot – despite big money for voter registration efforts in illegal immigrant areas.  Meanwhile, the very idea that illegal votes would be heavily slanted toward benefiting Democrats – who, in the Hugo Chávez style, offer free stuff from others' pockets – is unimaginable!

Turns out that what's going on in Colorado refutes each and every one of those echo-chamber "narratives."

Top officials in the Democratic National Committee are worried about a sudden drop in voter registrations in Colorado, concerned that President Donald Trump's new election commission is encouraging Democrats across the country to remove themselves from the electoral grid for fear of revealing personal information to the GOP leadership  :snip:

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