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Say It Isn't So Joe!!!


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2 hours ago, Valin said:

well its a start!




well a person would have to be blind and deaf not to have seen this coming 

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The Insufferable Hypocrisy Of ‘Morning Joe’

JULY 14, 2017 By David Harsanyi

After famously leaving the Democratic Party, Ronald Reagan went on national television in 1964 to deliver a brilliant distillation of his views on limited government and individual liberty in “A Time for Choosing.” Reagan gave the speech, though he knew it would be toxic among his peers and possibly hurt a nascent political career, to help long-shot candidate Barry Goldwater.


Joe Scarborough famously left the Republican Party in 2017 by going on CBS’s “The Late Show” where host Stephen Colbert teed up some preplanned questions that allowed “Morning Joe,” to the delight of a crowd of applauding automatons who couldn’t tell the difference between sanctimony and bravery, to indulge in some self-aggrandizement. :snip: 


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