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Long-standing China-India Border Dispute Deepens


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Long-standing China-India Border Dispute Deepens

Posted by Vijeta Uniyal    Tuesday, July 11, 2017 at 11:30am

Military stand-off along the China-India border ‘most serious confrontation in more than 30 years,’ Chinese media reports

A territorial dispute along the China-India border is threatening to turn into a military conflict between the two nuclear-armed nations. The area under dispute is located near the ‘Bhutan tri-junction’, where the borders of China, India, and the tiny Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan meet. The Chinese envoy to New Delhi described the latest standoff as “the most serious confrontation between the two nations in more than 30 years,” Chinese daily South China Morning reported

China and India fought a war in 1962 over similar border disputes, which ended in a devastating defeat for India. Almost 55 years later, and two Asian giants continue facing off each other along a three thousand kilometre-long contested mountainous border.

New Delhi is taking a tough stance in this latest phase of escalation with the Indian army setting up supply lines leading to the site of the latest stand off and officials claiming that the “Indian Army is not going to wilt under any pressure from China,” to quote the newspaper Times of India:  :snip: 

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