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Misinformation in the era of Trump


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Misinformation runs rampant in the era of President Trump, and there's basically nothing you can do about it.

The usual camps hear only what they want to hear, and no amount of explanation or evidence will convince them otherwise.

It starts normally with a claim that appears to be mostly accurate. That claim is then distilled, distorted, twisted and misrepresented into oblivion by media pundits, politicos and activists. It's like a giant game of Telephone, and the end result is a permanently entrenched bogus narrative.

An allegation can go from containing a kernel of truth to being both totally unrecognizable and false, and it is damn near impossible to undo the damage done along the way.

The White House does this. The so-called resistance does this. Not to sound cliché, but there are no innocent parties here; both sides indulge their supporters with partisan misinformation.


Misinformation all around?

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