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Utopianism Alive and Well at the UN


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July 7 2017


What’s a bigger waste of time than the G20—an unwieldy global forum where world leaders can preen and strut while accomplishing next-to-nothing? How about trying to pass a global treaty outlawing nuclear weapons in the United Nations? The NYT (where else?) has the story:



For the first time in the seven-decade effort to avert a nuclear war, a global treaty has been negotiated that proponents say would, if successful, lead to the destruction of all nuclear weapons and forever prohibit their use.

Negotiators representing two-thirds of the 192-member United Nations finalized the 10-page treaty this week after months of talks. […]




Hurray? Yeah, no:



In a joint statement released after the treaty was adopted, the United States, Britain and France said, “We do not intend to sign, ratify or ever become party to it.”




All that is so patently obvious it really need not be said. But when faced with a treaty surpassed in its utopian foolishness only by the legendary Kellogg-Briand Pact, we suppose things need to be spelled out.

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