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G20 Welcome to Hell protest


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Justin Huggler, Hamburg Barney Henderson

6 July 2017


Police were fighting running battles with anticapitalists in the streets of Hamburg on Thursday night as protests against the G20 summit turned violent

Masked protesters hurled smoke bombs and glass bottles at police who responded with water cannon.

Police said they were "horrified by the violence".

There were scenes of confusion in the nightlife district of Saint Pauli as the black clad masked protesters choked the narrow alley while nervous drinkers looked on from pubs.

Hundreds of armoured riot police ran through the streets. 

Police said the violence had broken out after they asked a hardcore of protesters to remove their masks.

The protesters planned to march to the city centre where the summit begins tomorrow. 



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Ah... the quaint and nostalgic European society.  

I can just taste the Gewürztraminer in my mind.   A crisp and unpretentious wine with a slightly sweet aftertaste and a hit of tear gas.   Let me sniff again....  Yes that is CS.


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12:51AM At least 76 police hurt in clashes

At least 76 police officers have been hurt in clashes with anti-G20 protesters, authorities said.

"Police are still being attacked," said a spokesman for Hamburg's police force, adding that most of the officers hurt sustained light injuries.

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Leftists Riot In Hamburg and Caracas

John Hinderaker

July 6, 2017


Representatives of the G20 countries are meeting in Hamburg, so the traveling circus of anti-capitalist rioters naturally showed up. As best one can tell, it is more or less the same people who turn out for all of these anti-capitalism demonstrations around the world. They don’t appear to have jobs, and quite a few of them are reported to be trust fund babies. These photos from Hamburg are typical; they come from the Sun. At least 76 policemen were injured in the anti-free enterprise riot:




Valin: How You Like To Have These Two For Neighbors? :blink:




So ordinary Venezuelans have taken to the streets to demand the resignation of Nicolás Maduro, successor to Hugo Chavez, the principal author of the Venezuelan calamity. Maduro’s regime has responded with thuggish violence. Yesterday, an anti-capitalist mob–soul brothers of the G20 rioters–attacked Venezuela’s National Assembly, beating lawmakers and others as government troops stood by:







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