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Trump in Poland: President calls on 'all nations' to confront North Korean threat


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President Trump on Thursday called on ‘all nations’ to confront North Korea two days after the rogue country test-fired its first intercontinental ballistic missile.

Trump did not give specific details about what a confrontation would look like. He took a shot at former President Obama, saying he doesn’t “draw red lines.”
“We’ll just take a look at what happens,” Trump said during a joint press conference with Poland’s President Duda in Warsaw. “It’s a shame that they are behaving this way. Something has to happen.”
Trump touched on a variety of topics during the press conference. He said Russia is destabilizing the region and promised to work with Poland on its security. Trump thanked Duda for his country’s commitment to NATO and paying its fair share. Of the 28 member nations, Poland is one of five that pays its commitments.  
Trump-- who has been an outspoken critic of countries that do not pay their dues-- said ever since his criticism, money has been “pouring in.”

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Trump’s Warsaw Uprising


If you want to know why Donald Trump will go down in history as a great president, listen to (or read, when it is available) his speech in Krasinski Square, Warsaw today.
Yes, there is a lot of the usual diplomatic persiflage: “Thank you, President Duda. Thank you, Poland.” But be an adult and distinguish the gem from the setting. While the anti-Trump press was busy running stories warning about “unease in Brussels” over Trump’s visit to Poland, Trump once again totally outflanked his critics.  Those who have ears, let them hear:


    2    The United States is absolutely committed to securing Poland’s access to alternative sources of energy.  Now, to whom do you think that was addressed?  What country would use access to oil and gas as political blackmail (do what we say or you can’t warm your homes, light your streets, run your factories)? Who would do such a thing?

    4    The United States is absolutely committed to its trans-Atlantic partnership. That partnership, said Trump in his aspirational mode, has never been stronger: suitably translated, that means that he wishes to assure that it will never be stronger.  It was a proffered hand.  Will the EU bureaucrats reach out and grasp it?

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