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Cruz plan could be key to unlocking healthcare votes


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The fate of of legislation repealing and replacing ObamaCare could hinge on an amendment from Sen. Ted Cruz.
The Texas Republican is pushing for a provision that would allow insurers to sell plans that do not comply with ObamaCare insurance regulations, so long as they also sell plans that comply with those rules. Cruz says giving insurers a path around the regulations should allow them to offer some plans at a lower cost. 
It's unclear whether the amendment will be added to the Senate bill, known as the Better Care Reconciliation Act, or even whether it will pass muster under budgetary rules.
But the amendment could be the key to ensuring that the legislation passes both the House and the Senate.:snip:

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I had to kind of chuckle the last few days reading all of these semi flattering articles about Ted Cruz. Think back to when he was a pummeled by the press because of his lack of civil discourse - Ha ha ha. He looks great to them by comparison now:lmfao:

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