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States’ Rights and the Left’s Agenda


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States’ Rights and the Left’s Agenda

By John Seiler, Jr. - JUNE 29, 2017

These days, it’s the left that’s pushing states’ rights.  And for that we can thank President Trump.  As is often the case with America, California is leading the way.

First came Calexit, a movement eager to establish a California Utopia, although that was postponed when its organizer, Louis Marinelli, decamped to Russia, his wife’s home.  He urged “a new petition” to put a secession initiative on the state ballot, “free from ties to me and drafted by others, to be resubmitted at future [sic] date of their choosing.”

Then came President Trump’s June 1 announcement that he would withdraw from the Paris Agreement on the climate.  The Los Angeles Times reported the immediate reaction:

Led by California, dozens of states and cities across the country responded Friday to Trump’s attack on the worldwide agreement by vowing to fulfill the U.S. commitment without Washington—a goal that is not out of reach. . . .

 California, the nation’s leader in emissions reduction, has already joined with New York and Washington state to build an alliance of states that will guide the nation to Paris compliance in the absence of leadership from the federal government. :snip: 

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