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Doctors Say 4th Of July Sparklers Are Too Dangerous For Kids. Try BUBBLES AND POM-POMS Instead


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America’s doctors are warning that the use of sparklers on the Fourth of July is just too darn dangerous for your children.

To avoid the risk of injury, you should give your kids bubbles, glow sticks and pom-poms to play with this Independence Day. Those things are safer and almost just as fun.

Sparkler injuries lead to 1,900 emergency visits each year in the United States (pop.: 321.4 million), according to Providence, Rhode Island NBC affiliate WJAR.

“They’re actually not so benign,” Dina Burstein of the Injury Prevention Center at Rhode Island Hospital told WJAR. “And I think what people don’t realize is that they actually burn at a very high temperature — up to 2,000 degrees — so that’s the equivalent of what a blow torch would be at.”

Not very surprisingly, the most typical sparkler injuries are burns, Burstein added — “very commonly to the hands, often to the face, injuries to the eyes.”

The doctor helpfully suggests using “things like pom-poms and glow sticks” instead of sparklers to celebrate America’s independence. Bubbles and noisemakers are other good substitutes, Burstein said.


The Nanny State never takes a day off.

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