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Oh, Canada!


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Oh, Canada!


Posted by WeirdDave at 10:56 AM Comments 

Well, today is July 1, known to our brothers to the north as Canada Day, the equivalent of our Fourth of July. This year is the 150th anniversary of the confederation, the day on which the Dominion of Canada was formed.

The relationship between the United States and Canada is a remarkable one. We truly are brothers from the same mother, after all, when we won our independence from Britain in 1781, we did not execute the loyalists, but instead allowed them to leave. Most of them went to what would become Canada, meaning that our blood is their blood. We demanded to become citizens, they opted to remain subjects (a small but crucial distinction which echos in our national characters to this day), but still and all, we ARE from the same stock.

Nevermind that today they are governed by an empty-headed progressive pretty boy (and really, is FluffyHair von FancySuit anything more than a cheap knock-off of our own SCOAMF?).  :snip: 

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