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LIVE with Maajid Nawaz: Muslim Reformers, Islamism, and Combating Extremism


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Our leading hate group




One more example of the SPLC at work. The SPLC has gone to work on anti-radical Muslim activist Majiid Nawaz. The SPLC has labeled Nawaz an anti-Muslim extremist along with Frank Gaffney, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and others. Nawaz appeared on Bill Maher’s HBO show on Friday. Josh Feldman covered the interview for Mediaite. RCP has posted the video here. I’m embedding it below.



The New York Times Magazine profiled Nawaz in the article “Majiid Nawaz’s radical ambition.” The Atlantic took up the SPLC’s stigmatization of Nawaz in a column by David Graham. (I don’t appreciate Graham’s workout on the “Islamaphonia” shtick in the column, but it’s good on Nawaz.) Nawaz responded to the SPLC designation in this Daily Beast column.

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