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Refugee arrivals down drastically under Trump: DHS


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The number of refugees entering the U.S. decreased by nearly half during President Trump’s first three months in office, newly released immigration data reveal.

About 13,000 refugees entered the U.S. during the first three months of the Trump administration, down from roughly 25,000 during former President Obama’s last months in office, according to statistics published by the Department of Homeland Security on Friday.

When compared to data from a year earlier, the statistics show 86 percent more refugees entered the U.S. during Mr. Obama’s last three months in the White House than at the end of 2015 when he still had a full year in office.
The Trump administration, meanwhile, saw 12 percent fewer arrivals during the first three months of 2017 than the Obama administration witnessed in the same span the year prior, according to the government’s statistics.:snip:

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