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U.S. charges Hambali at Guantánamo with Bali, Jakarta terrorist bombings


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U.S. charges Hambali at Guantánamo with Bali, Jakarta terrorist bombings



The war court prosecutor has filed terror charges against an Indonesian captive at Guantánamo known as Hambali, accusing him of conspiring in the 2002 Bali, Indonesia, nightclub bombings and the 2003 attack on the JW Marriott in Jakarta that between them killed more than 200 people, the Miami Herald has learned.

When or whether Riduan “Hambali” Isomuddin, 53, will actually go to court is not yet known. At the war court, the prosecution prepares the charges, has them delivered to the captive and also to a senior Pentagon official, Convening Authority Harvey Rishikof, for review and a decision on whether to go forward. One thing Rishikof could get to decide is whether it would go to trial as a death-penalty case.

The Indonesian becomes the first Guantánamo prisoner charged during the administration of President Donald Trump. If Rishikof approves it, Hambali would be the 11th of Guantánamo’s 41 captives in war crimes proceedings.  :snip: 

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