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Scott Johnson

June 23 2017

Ammo Grrrll isn’t buying what the Resistance is selling. She calls this one RESISTING COMMON DECENCY. She writes:




One of the worst conceits I’ve seen in my long lifetime has to be the notion that the paid masked rioters and “antifa” thugs who inspired the assassin are somehow part of a proud tradition of “Resistance.” Rudeness, rampage and rioting are not “resistance.”

They do all start with “R,” and that is close enough for the brain-dead, lazy, chickens**t losers who have to believe themselves to be part of something important and worthy. Instead of what they actually are: just cowardly, blackshirted criminals wearing little bandana masks like they wore when they were six, playing “Cowboys and Indians.” (Or Boys of Cow and Indigenous Peoples in pc language. Don’t bother learning the correct language – the game is virtually illegal now on playgrounds anyway, along with Tag, Monkey Bars, Dodgeball, and chewing your bologna into the shape of a gun.)

Real resistance to massive, powerful evil has potentially dreadful real-world consequences. These spoiled brats screaming spittle-flecked obscenities at professors, wandering the campus with baseball bats, don’t even get kicked out of college.

Resistance is risking torture and death in World War II Occupied France by helping to hide Jews or downed Allied pilots from the Nazis. If captured, trust me, Literally Hitler saw to it that the worst thing that happened to them was not to lose their New Year’s Eve hosting gig.



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