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Engage Cuba Officials Listed as Registered Agents of For-Profit Travel Service


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Executives of the nonprofit advocacy group Engage Cuba, one of whom has taken credit for leading an "under-the-radar" $3 million national campaign to convince the Obama administration "to reform" U.S.-Cuba relations, are listed as registered agents of a for-profit travel service that shares the initials of the non-profit firm.
Engage Cuba is a nonprofit that advocates lifting the travel and trade embargo on Cuba. It was formed in 2015 after then-President Barack Obama's late-2014 diplomatic thaw with the communist island nation. Over the last few months, the group has released several reports and polls aimed at convincing Trump not to roll back any of Obama's looser rules on travel to and U.S. commerce with Cuba.
Supporters of Obama's Cuba détente—including the former president’s Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes, one of the lead architects of the policy—have cited Engage Cuba polls and reports over the last several years and in the lead-up to Trump’s partial rollback of his predecessor’s rapprochement.:snip:

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