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Too Much Ice = Global Warming


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John Hinderaker

June 18 2017


The University of Manitoba has canceled its 2017 Arctic expedition because there is too much ice to execute the mission safely. The U of M headlines: “Large Canadian Arctic climate change study cancelled due to climate change.”


The Science Team of the Canadian Research Icebreaker CCGS Amundsen has cancelled the first leg of the 2017 Expedition due to complications associated with the southward motion of hazardous Arctic sea ice, caused by climate change.


The repeated insistence that large and dangerous quantities of sea ice are the result of “climate change” is humorous. It’s climate change, damn it!



No matter what happens, it is “climate change driven.”


This experience, and climate change conditions currently affecting Churchill, Man., clearly illustrates that Canada is ill prepared to deal with the realities of climate change.


The shrillness borders on hysteria, which is pretty much what we are getting 24/7 from the global warming lobby.

Via WattsUpWithThat.




It's a good thing I'm not the sort of person that makes snide sarcastic comments (That's my story and I stickin with it!) I might say "climate change is there nothing it can't do?" But I'm not that sort of person...so I won't say that.

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