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Can a Divided America Survive?


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The United States is currently the world’s oldest democracy.
But America is no more immune from collapse than were some of history’s most stable and impressive consensual governments. Fifth-century Athens, Republican Rome, Renaissance Florence and Venice, and many of the elected governments of early 20th-century Western European states eventually destroyed themselves, went bankrupt, or were overrun by invaders.
The United States is dividing as rarely before. Half the country, mostly liberal America, is concentrated in 146 of the nation’s more than 3,000 counties — in an area that collectively represents less than 10 percent of the U.S. land mass. The other half, the conservative Red states of the interior of America, is geographically, culturally, economically, politically, and socially at odds with Blue-state America, which resides mostly on the two coasts.
The two Americas watch different news. They read very different books, listen to different music, and watch different television shows. Increasingly, they now live lives according to two widely different traditions.:snip:

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Geee nickydog


"We live in two different countries."

Skinny Old White Guy :D


Been saying that for some time now. The thing is we (Left & Right) are not talking to each other, what we are doing is shouting at each other...COMMUNIST! FASCIST!


For Shakespeare, the Trump-stabbing “Caesar” would be business as usual




From The Comments


Gloria Rocca Manko ·
Pure and simple, a disgraceful display of trash and the people that would take 5 minutes of their day to watch, obviously are sick and or just mindless. Do any of you that so strongly oppose President Trump even know why? Yes, he's rich( so?), he's a flag waver- America first( so?), he wants our borders closed to people that want to harm and truly dislike Americans' ( so?) he wants to provide better care for our veterans( so?), he wants other countries to stop taking advantage of America's giving nature(so?), he wants to provide good paying jobs to those that have been out of work for years( so?). People, ignorance is no excuse for all the hateful and disrespectful behavior going on. The world is watching and no doubt LOVE every minute of the discourse. It's not President Trump that will distroy our great country, its YOU!
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Charles Barnitz





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PBS NewsHour

Published on Apr 25, 2017

America's democracy and Constitution have been replaced by a theocratic autocracy where women have lost their rights and many of them have become property, valued and controlled for the ability to bear children for wealthy families. That’s the story of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” a novel that’s now a major television miniseries. Jeffrey Brown talks to author Margaret Atwood and others.




^ PBS The Left (but I repeat myself) are moving into downtown Nutterville.


* Well at least many of the movers and shakers have.

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