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Gin Review: G’Vine Nouaison Product of Cognac – Grapes and Vine Flowers


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Gin Review: G’Vine Nouaison Product of Cognac – Grapes and Vine Flowers


by Maggie • April 1, 2016 • 0 Comments

Does it sound odd that a gin would come from Cognac-country (France)? G’Vine Gin, according to the producer, is the first grape-based gin known in modern times. Two styles to choose from, both from the Ugni Blanc grape which springs from the hallowed soils of Cognac, located in the Charente region/department


An aside: Does it further sound odd that Cognac is grape-based? The Ugni Blanc grape provides 98 percent of the grape content of Cognac. Trivia: All Cognac is brandy, but all brandies are not Cognac. To be designated “Cognac,” the grapes must be grown in Cognac and all phases of production must begin and end in Cognac.


Le Gins Francais:


G’Vine produces two small batch gins: Floraison (80 proof) and Nouaison (87.8 proof), both grape-based and incorporating the “vine flower essence” into the distillation, among other botanicals. With quality gin, it’s always about the botanicals. Scissors-32x32.png



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