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hollywood-actors-hobnob-maduro-venezuelans-starve-david-paulinFront Page Magazine:

The leftist thugs who are running Venezuela into the ground and terrorizing political opponents got a boost from two prominent Hollywood actors who turned up in Caracas to support the socialist regime.


Jamie Foxx, who won an Academy Award for best actor for the biographical film "Ray," joined veteran actor Lukas Hass at a carefully staged media event last Tuesday at the presidential palace. The actors, members of Hollywood's wealthy elite, provided moral support to the Maduro government just as Venezuelans are suffering from critical shortages of food and medicines -- a calamity that has made President Maduro a despised figure among ordinary Venezuelans.


President Maduro -- who has double downed on the socialist policies of Venezuela's late firebrand president Hugo Chávez -- spoke glowingly of the actors' commitment to humanity during the event, which revolved mainly around promoting housing projects that are planned with companies from Italy, Dubai, and Jordan.


Said Maduro: "We've been talking and I see these two actors, two extraordinary beings, indeed, very human, very sensitive and participating in these projects to seek the welfare of the peoples in the world."


The actors posed with Maduro for photos and Foxx was quoted by state media as saying he was on hand to show his "support" for the housing projects. Scissors-32x32.png

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