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Ryan, House GOP leaders find way to avoid shutdown but not without help from Democrats


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ryan-house-gop-leaders-find-way-to-avoid-shutdown-but-not-without-help-from-democrats.htmlFox News:

You could almost imagine them skulking around the shadows of the U.S. Capitol the past few days.


They carried stethoscopes. They dressed head-to-toe in stage black and donned domino masks that looked like something borrowed from the Riddler.


Lawmakers had a congressional safe to crack. They had to figure out how to fund the government by Friday night to avoid a government shutdown, approve money for the Zika crisis, address the toxic-water catastrophe in Flint, Mich., and simultaneously help flood victims in Louisiana.


It’s not clear if the safe in question read Hamilton, SentrySafe or Honeywell. But the vault was fortified with diamond hardplate locks, devices to relock the bolts and anti-pry doors.


This wouldn’t be easy.


Safecrackers sometimes use a stethoscope or other audio amplification devices to listen for the click of tumblers falling into place as they determine the combination to open a safe. It was all a matter of just figuring out which digit fell where before lawmakers could solve their parliamentary puzzle.


As it turns out, aid to Flint was the crucial part to cracking this safe. Once lawmakers unlocked that issue, the tumblers aligned and they settled the host of issues.



The right combination to keep robbing the piggy bank.

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