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Math Matters This Election: Don’t Forget The Federal Judiciary


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math-matters-this-election-dont-forget-the-federal-judiciaryDaily Caller:

“The impact that the president can have on the federal judiciary is perhaps the single most important legacy issue for any president,” says Doug Kendall, president of Constitutional Accountability Center, according to USA Today.


With early votes being cast and Election Day a month away, many voters are undecided or persuadable. Yes, many are at the “flip of a coin stage.” Some asking; what does a voter do when presidential options appear so distasteful.


Get over it and consider; as of September 1, 2016, of 673 U.S. District Court judgeships 67 – or 10 percent stand vacant under President Obama. Twice as many as at this point under George W. Bush.


It’s time to begin asking the question involving more than just the Supreme Court; ask yourself what will happen to the landscape of the courts if Candidate X is in office the next 4 years?



Remembering the courts in the aftermath.

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