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Pat Caddell: ‘Desperate’ Media Now Claiming Ohio Is Not a ‘Bellwether’ Because ‘Trump’s Ahead’


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Democratic pollster Pat Caddell spoke with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Matt Boyle about media bias and other topics on Friday, saying, “There’s no doubt that the mainstream media, as predicted, would go all out to make that debate, in retrospect, a Hillary Clinton big win because that fits with what they want to do. And they are trying to drive that bus.”


“We see this with the Newsweek piece and all of these things,” continued Caddell. “There will be an all-out effort, beyond what anyone could imagine by the establishment, to save itself and preserve its power. None of us can imagine what we’re going to see the next few weeks.”


Added Caddell, “This is a group that’s desperate because the threat is to their power and prestige and position. What have we done wrong that’s caused all of this to happen? Nothing like that,” said Caddell, implying the establishment would not stop to ponder their role in creating the movement currently behind GOP nominee Donald Trump.


“This is instinctively a fight to preserve what they have, and the hell with the American people. That’s basically where they come from,” concluded Caddell.



That works both ways...

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