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James Pinkerton – The Democrats vs. The Deplorables: The New Class Struggle Comes to the Midwest


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The Democrats, once the party of working people, are now a party dominated by environmentalists and multiculturalists. And I can prove it.


As we shall see, when Democrats must choose between their old loyalty, providing jobs for workers, and their new loyalty, favoring politically-correct constituency groups—they choose the PC groups.


Indeed, the old assumptions about the Democrats as the party of labor are nowadays so tangled and conflicted that the unions themselves are divided. Some unions are sticking with their blue-collar heritage, but more are aligning themselves with the new forces of political correctness—and oh, by the way, big money.


The proposed Dakota Access Pipeline, running through four states—from western North Dakota to southern Illinois—would create an estimated 4,500 unionized jobs. That is to say, good jobs at good wages: The median entry-level salary for a pipeline worker in North Dakota is $38,924.


Yet the advancement of what was once called the “labor movement” is no longer a Democratic priority. The new priorities are heeding the goals of “progressive” groups—in this instance, Native Americans and the greens. Indeed, this new progressive movement is so strong that even many unions are climbing aboard the bandwagon, even if that means breaking labor’s united front.



The labor "movement" no longer represents the workers.

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