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Pat Caddell: Donald Trump Wins Debate If He Shows Voters He’s ‘Plausible’ Option


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Veteran pollster Pat Caddell told SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Monday’s Breitbart News Daily that Hillary Clinton’s health remains a major issue with voters.


“If you look at the questions about her health–you know, we have a Breitbart/Gravis poll–we had asked that question in our national survey this weekend.” He added, “The Fox polling showed on that question, in late August, that 21 percent of the people had concerns about her health. Well, it’s now over 40 percent,” Caddell revealed.


He said:


That’s still a lingering and lurking element here, and it really puts a lot of pressure, I’ve been saying, for her in this debate. People are so sensitive to it, and it may not be fair, but if she has moments like that, it could affect the audience and how they feel about her because of their own doubts on that question. So it could be a problem.


By “moments like that,” Caddell was referring to a much-discussed video of Clinton appearing to lose control of her voice, shouting angrily that she should be “50 points ahead” instead of locked in a dead heat with Donald Trump.



Crazy grandma versus evil uncle?

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