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Paul Ryan Face The Nation


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Ryan on Race Relations: Get Outside Our Comfort Zone, Understand What Others Are Thinking


(CNSNews.com) - House Speaker Paul Ryan says the police-involved shootings in Charlotte and Tulsa, and the resulting violence in Charlotte, were "heartbreaking."


"And this country has to find new ways of learning how to heal and understand all the different perspectives," Ryan told CBS's "Face the Nation."


"Each of us have to get better perspectives, get outside of our comfort zones, understand what other people are thinking and saying and what they see, and then try and come up with common-ground solutions. And that's, to me, the kind of healing that has to occur. And you're not going to have that done in the fourth quarter of a presidential election. This is campaign season."


Ryan said the House of Representatives has a working group studying the issue: "They were in Detroit last week doing listening sessions. They're now doing ride-alongs with the police. And what we're trying to do is quietly and calmly come together and find where we can find some common solutions."Scissors-32x32.png



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