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22 September 2016


Peggy Noonan begins her Wall Street Journal column today with a question you’ve all heard, in one form or another, many times:


The signature sentence of this election begins with the words “In a country of 320 million . . .” I hear it everywhere. It ends with “how’d it come down to these two?” or “why’d we get them?”


I am now on my third extended stay of the summer in New York, and those visits have given me the answer to Noonan’s ubiquitous question. How, she and you ask, did this formerly great nation wind up with two such unappealing candidates, with each of our two great parties nominating the only candidate easily capable of losing to the even more unappealing candidate nominated by the other party?


Easy. This is what you get when both candidates are from New York. Scissors-32x32.png


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