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To Trump or Not To Trump


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To Trump or Not To Trump

EJHill September 23, 2016 112 COMMENTS


That is the question.


My father spent three years in the North Atlantic, as he put it, “successfully avoiding the German Navy.” That’s about as detailed as he ever got about his wartime experiences. If you’re of a certain age, you knew dozens of men like that. Some felt like they didn’t do enough, others felt like they did too much


For the latter, some carried great burdens. Some killed with unrelenting hatred and cruelty. They did things that had to be done but hated themselves for it and agonized over whether or not the things that they did could be forgiven. But the life of the nation and all they held dear was at stake.


Amusingly, some have raised their presidential vote this year to the same level of moralistic angst. It’s not. Voting for The Donald is not nearly on par with a US Marine immolating his enemy with a flame thrower or sending a U-boat crew to an agonizing death on the ocean floor. Scissors-32x32.png


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To Trump or Not to Trump: A Response

Jamie Lockett September 23, 2016 182 COMMENTS



As all of Ricochet will be shocked to learn I disagreed strongly with EJHill’s recent post regarding what he sees as the binary choice before us this cycle. I don’t have much to add here that I didn’t already express in the comments of that post, but I would like to point everyone to a piece by Ricochet alumna Rachel Lu:


So here’s the situation as I understand it. We have a lot of deeply alienated conservative voters who, strangely enough, actually supported conservative principles that now seem to have been carelessly jettisoned. Some are sufficiently upset that they’ve left the party or at least declared they won’t vote for Trump. Those people could make the difference in the election. Scissors-32x32.png


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