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I wasn’t that worried when I saw stories saying Jeff Roe thought Cruz might endorse Trump. Roe has wanted Cruz to endorse for a while. I wasn’t that worried by a tweet from Cruz thanking Trump for supporting his Internet initiative. I wasn’t that worried by Politico story claiming Cruz was “warming to” Trump.


But right now, Steve Deace seems almost despondent on Twitter, and seems to think it’s a foregone conclusion. And Deace was always very tight with Cruz. So now I’m worried.


I’m going to adapt the hyperbolic phraseology of Donald Trump to declare: nobody supported Ted Cruz more than Patterico. I gave him money. I promoted him here on the blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook. I talked him up to friends. I bought and read his book. I defended him — even when he cozied up to Donald Trump.


Also, in general, I do not criticize people for choosing to support Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. I think Donald Trump is a congenital liar, a quintessential narcissist, and a man who represents everything that is wrong with this country. That said, Hillary Clinton represents the certainty of increasing big government, debt, federal encroachment on freedom, and judicial tyranny, while many believe Trump represents at least a chance of avoiding some of that. Scissors-32x32.png


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