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Day #4 – The “stonetear” Investigation – Chairman Jason Chaffetz Sends Preservation Notice To Reddit…


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day-4-the-stonetear-investigation-chairman-jason-chaffetz-sends-preservation-notice-to-redditThe Conservative Treehouse:

Day #4 – The “stonetear” Investigation – Chairman Jason Chaffetz Sends Preservation Notice To Reddit…


Posted on September 22, 2016 by sundance


Day #1Katica discovers Paul Combetta has on-line alias “stonetear” and full backstory.

Day #2 – Paul Combetta scrubs his user information, and deletes his July 24th 2014 posting history. The Stonetear Reddit inquiry and the Timeline for Hillary Clinton’s email cover up.

Day #3 – House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith demands answers from Platte River Network, and interview scheduled with Combetta by tomorrow.

Day #4 – House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz sends preservation notice to Reddit.


Summary Backstory – On Sunday September 18th, researcher Katica discovered Hillary Clinton’s email custodian, Paul Combetta, had an alias “stonetear” used on a 2014 Reddit forum asking for assistance in altering archived server records for Hillary Clinton. We published the archive and discovery at 4:30am Monday Sept 19th. Within hours Combetta scrubs his prior posting and attempts to delete his web-footprint. However, the information is viral as the internet shares the story. Tuesday night Sept 20th, Chairman Lamar Smith becomes aware of the issue and sends formal letter to Platte River Network legal team, demanding an interview with Combetta. Scissors-32x32.png


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