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Exclusive — Egyptian Leaders Praise Donald Trump, Blast Hillary Clinton After President El-Sisi Meets with Both Candidates


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Very enlightening. The Egyptians do NOT like Obama or Hillary and for good reason.


Egypt protests and Arab Spring: November 21 as it happened

Nov. 2011


12.06 An anonymous activist, writing for Al Jazeera, has urged President Barack Obama to break his silence over the latest in Tahrir Square and Egypt. In Mr Obama's defence he has been away on an Asia-Pacific tour so may just be catching up with the developments.


"Quote President Obama, where are you? Are you not watching the same images that the world is watching of the massacres in Tahrir? Are you too busy preparing for Thanksgiving to take a minute to make a strong statement about what's happening in a country in which your government has invested so much money and support?

Are you not outraged at the brutal suppression of pro-democracy protesters by the military junta in Egypt? If so, why have you offered no meaningful condemnation of the attempt to crush a revolution that has so inspired millions of Americans? After all, their encouragement to Occupy Wall Street might actually wind up saving your presidency."

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