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The Great Good Thing


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Who is a Jew? What is a Christian? Can one be both at the same time? And who, precisely, gets to decide? These and other thorny questions are addressed by (full disclosure) my friend, PJ Media colleague, and fellow author and screenwriter Andrew Klavan in a new book that is at once challenging, depressing, and, in the end, profoundly joyous. In short, something for everyone and something to offend everyone, as a great good book should be.

The Great Good Thing: A Secular Jew Comes to Faith in Christ chronicles the best-selling author's life from his boyhood as an irreligious Jew from the leafy Long Island suburb of Great Neck, through his struggles as a young writer, husband and father, his relocation to California for personal and professional reasons to... the moment of his baptism at the Episcopal Church of the Incarnation in midtown Manhattan at the age of 49.

No one could have been more surprised than I was. I never thought I was the type. I had been born and raised a Jew and lived most of my life as an agnostic. I believed in the fullest freedom of thought into the widest reaches of fact and philosophy. I believed in science and analysis and reasonable explanations. I had no time for magical thinking of any kind. I couldn't bear solemn piety.Scissors-32x32.png




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