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Woolsey: Nazis would win WWII under Obama's anti-ISIS plan


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2602285Washington Examiner:

Bill Clinton's former CIA director said Tuesday that if the U.S. fought the Nazis the way the Obama administration is fighting the Islamic State, the U.S. would have lost World War II.


"Suppose we had fought World War II ... this way," James Woolsey said on "Fox and Friends." "We would be sitting around here pledging allegiance to Hitler's heirs."


Woolsey, who is now an adviser to Donald Trump, said that fighting the Islamic State isn't just a "PR matter," and said Obama's big mistake is making the "narrative" a priority instead of fighting the terrorist group.


He said Obama is operating by starting with the story he wants to tell, and then working to "make the facts fit the narrative."Scissors-32x32.png

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