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What Will the 'NeverTrumpers' Do If Trump Wins?


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what-will-the-nevertrumpers-do-if-trump-winsPJ Media:

A few weeks ago, no one would have bothered to ask, but how the NeverTrumpers will behave should Donald Trump win the election is now a significant question growing in importance.


Will they grant him the normal honeymoon period usually given newly-elected presidents or will they continue their non-stop onslaught on Trump as a vulgar, non-conservative parvenu about to destroy the Republican Party and everything good in our country?


There is at least a chance that the Republican NeverTrumpers, not the Democrats, will be a President Trump's worst enemies. They will be the ones who will have been most humiliated by his victory, not the Dems who will be busy regrouping and blaming their failure on the largely-true observation that Hillary Clinton was their worst possible candidate. Too bad they were trapped into her.


The NeverTrumpers, however, will have been psychologically wounded in a very basic way. They repeatedly insisted, many still do, that the Trump candidacy was, to put it mildly, doomed and ill-conceived in every way from the start. Like most of us normal neurotics, they wanted to be right (as in correct), attaching their identities to their views to an excessive degree. As the shrinks tell us, that's not always a good idea. If they are unable to contain their anger and hurt, they can do damage, even to, and this is the disturbing part, conventional conservative programs they might have supported under other circumstances.


Now it's my suspicion that the NeverTrumpers are not as big a group as their notoriety might indicate, but many are influential people, entrenched figures, print and television pundits with years of prominence. They have power, even if they fear, which they obviously do, that it is waning. (It's their fault if it is.)



What do they do now?

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