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It’s Getting Harder and Harder to Make a Living in Progressive Disneylands


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its-getting-harder-and-harder-make-living-progressive-disneylandsNational Review/The Corner:

David French

September 15, 2016


Writing in Vox, a tech worker named Matt Kulka writes how he and his family couldn’t make it in the Bay Area working at Facebook. His low six-figure salary (well above the national median) simply wasn’t enough. He landed his dream job, but even with the nice salary and excellent benefits, the costs were extraordinary:




Interestingly, that tends to leave two kinds of super-blue American urban regions — the progressive Disneylands and the progressive ruins. The Bay Area — packed to the gills with highly-educated young professionals — is a lovely place to live. Detroit, by contrast, is Detroit. So is San Jose what progressivism looks like? Or is it the war zones of Chicago?


I’d say that regions chock-full of relatively culturally and politically homogenous, high-income, highly-educated, intact families are going to do well regardless of ideology. Harvard kids of Stanford parents are going to do well, and then they often get busy increasing the barriers to entry of the communities the love so much. But culturally and politically, progressivism just keeps failing the poor. When will they seek change?



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