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Trump: Climate change science still needs to be 'investigated'


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295633-trump-climate-change-science-still-needs-to-be-investigatedThe Hill:

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump said that there is still a lot about climate change that needs to be investigated.


Responding to a questionnaire from Scientific American and numerous scientific organizations, Trump repeated his doubt about “climate change,” putting quotes around the term and saying that the country’s limited resources should probably go somewhere other than fighting climate change.


“There is still much that needs to be investigated in the field of ‘climate change,’ ” he wrote.


He then wrote that the country’s limited money should “perhaps” go to other causes, like ensuring clean water, fighting malaria, feeding a growing population or even reducing the need for fossil fuels.


“Perhaps we should be focused on developing energy sources and power production that alleviates the need for dependence on fossil fuels,” he said. “We must decide on how best to proceed so that we can make lives better, safer and more prosperous.”Scissors-32x32.png

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Trump to call for six weeks paid maternity leave


will call for six weeks of paid maternity leave for new mothers in a Tuesday policy address, breaking with GOP orthodoxy.

The GOP presidential nominee will outline the policy as part of a speech sketching out his child care plans as Trump reaches out to female voters.


"Our plan ... creates a bipartisan solution to the issue of maternity leave," a Trump aide said on a Tuesday campaign call with reporters.


"Our campaign is about getting things done for the American people, and we believe we've found a solution on paid maternity leave that could get very broad, bipartisan support and be completely self-financing."


The campaign said new mothers will receive unemployment benefits for six weeks paid for by eliminating fraud in unemployment insurance, describing the maternity leave as a "safety net" for new mothers. Scissors-32x32.png



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