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Charles Murray on populism, globalization, "The Bell Curve," and American politics today


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UCmA54XhpFJWyw_Bsj1jYsMwConversations with Bill Kristol:


Sep 11, 2016

The American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray discusses our current political moment.

Chapter 1 (00:15 - 33:22): Working Class Decline

Chapter 2 (33:22 - 44:36): A Universal Basic Income?

Chapter 3 (44:36 - 1:00:45): From Tea Party to Trump

Chapter 4 (1:00:45 - 1:10:55): The Bell Curve Revisited

In his second conversation with Bill Kristol, American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray discusses the state of American civic life and how this can help us understand the current political moment. Murray explains how the decline of communities, the effects of immigration, and the growth of anti-trade sentiment have fueled populist impulses in 2016. Kristol and Murray also revisit Murray's prescient The Bell Curve (1994) and discuss how cognitive ability might affect American life in the future.




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