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Tom Rogan: Conservatives Need To Have Debate About ‘Things Like Sugar Taxes,’ I’m ‘Very Sympathetic to Michelle Obama’


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National Review columnist, Opportunity Lives panelist, and Steamboat Institute Senior Fellow Tom Rogan argued “as conservatives, we do have to have that debate about things like sugar taxes” and said that he’s “very sympathetic to Michelle Obama” on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”


Rogan stated, “I have no problem with someone eating like a pig and having poor choices. You should be able to do that. … But I don’t want to have to subsidize their medical costs. And that’s why I think, as conservatives, we do have to have that debate about things like sugar taxes, because the people who are putting themselves more predisposed to having obesity, and also why I think I’m one of the few conservatives who — I’m very sympathetic to Michelle Obama, because I’ll tell you what — that healthcare costs, we will have to subsidize that.”


Fellow panelist Pat Buchanan added, “You got taxes on cigarettes, and you got taxes on soft drinks and a lot of things like that. … I think user taxes are good. They’re better than the other kind, with your income.” A point Rogan agreed with.



"Conservatives" for sin taxes.

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