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Thousands of protesters storm Downing Street calling on David Cameron to quit amid Panama Papers row


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david-cameron-dramatic-tax-mea-culpa-i-should-have-done-betterUK Telegraph:

Thousands of protesters marched on Downing Street on Saturday afternoon, calling on David Cameron to resign over the Panama Papers revelations detailing his tax affairs.


Demonstrators wielded placards which said "he's got to go" amid a heavy police presence in the capital.


It came as Mr Cameron admitted he should have handled the row over his tax affairs “better” and told activists at the party’s local election launch that he “will learn the lessons” of the past week.


In a humiliating apology to the party faithful at a conference in London, the Prime Minister attempted to draw a line under a dreadful week in which he repeatedly failed to clarify his tax affairs.


Mr Cameron also confirmed that “later on” he will publish his tax returns stretching back six years to 2009/10 when he sold shares in his father’s offshore company Blairmore Holdings.



Panamanian fallout.

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