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Cabernet Sauvignon: The World’s Most Popular Red Wine


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Cabernet Sauvignon: The World’s Most Popular Red Wine

By Christine Havens / 20th Feb 2016

If Chardonnay is the queen of wine grapes, then Cabernet Sauvignon is the undisputed king. It's the world's most planted grape variety, and the driving force behind some of the most prestigious winegrowing regions, like Bordeaux and the heart of the American wine industry, Napa Valley. According to Vivino data, 11.1% of all wines in the world contain Cabernet Sauvignon in them.


But Cabernet Sauvignon wasn't always so tenacious a colonizer. Thanks to DNA testing, its origins have been traced to Bordeaux where it was first cultivated in the 17th century—the offspring of an unintended and curious crossing between Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc.


It would seem that Cabernet Sauvignon has combined the best attributes of its parents. As a vine, it buds late, artfully dodging spring frosts in more marginal climates. And its bunches are loosely clustered, sparing the berries from rot and insect infestation. To top it off, Cabernet has a thick skin, a very useful trait that protects the grapes from the deleterious effects of sunburn and wind. Scissors-32x32.pnghttps://www.vivino.com/wine-news/cabernet-sauvignon--the-worlds-most-popular-red-wine

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