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No, Mr. Trump, Presidents Don’t Reign


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no-mr-trump-presidents-dont-reignThe Federalist:

No wonder every election seems more and more like some Hesiodic battle of gods and ages. According to Donald Trump, we’re not electing a president to a term, but to a “reign.” That’s what he called George W. Bush’s time in office recently.


It bears repeating. The leading candidate for the GOP believes he’s running to reign. To my knowledge, no other candidates corrected him; no pundits commented on it; and no media figures challenged him on it. I’m probably an odd man out on this, an anachronism who’s failed to accept it: this where our nation is at; our souls have been formatted to embrace autocracy.


Too Much Power in Too Few Hands


Consider the seismic cultural change one or two individuals have sparked over the past eight years. A cornhusker kickback here and a Louisiana purchase there ushered in massive government control over the health-care industry. Justice Kennedy’s feelings on love changed a millennia-old institution, setting with the stroke of a pen the marriage habits of San Francisco or Greenwich Village as standard for Idaho or Kentucky.


It is now considered an obvious point among Democrats that if there is a problem, and the GOP doesn’t solve it the way they want, of course the president has to go solo with executive orders and stomp over any notion of a separation of powerScissors-32x32.png

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